Friday, October 22, 2010

McDonald's Gets You Twisted with Twister Fries Again!

10.22.2010 - McDonald's just brought back again the well loved Twister Fries, and believe indulgence is something you would like to get your fingers dive into these. Eagerly anticipating to get twisted again.

From the finest high-quality potatoes, which was twirled and curled with goodness. The Twister Fries will surely is worth munching at night with a good movie popped into your DVD player.
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Its a snack you won't find anywhere else in such a tempting crispy goodness.

McDonald's can now be found on Facebook, and see the exciting but oh so delectable Twister treats and future updates.

In a collaboration with Yahoo! Philippines (which we suggest you visit the site from October 15 to 17, 2010) and Munch Punch get you surprised crazy. In cooperation as well with McDonald's Twister Fries beginning from October 15 to 28 prepare to be twisted in frenzy.

You've been wanting to get your hands at this for a long time. Then we suggest you visit your nearest McDonald's store and get yourself a twsiting satisfying treat with the Twister Fries.

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